CMake Useful Variables

CMake uses and defines many variables, which can be used in CMakeLists.txt files.

NOTE: As of CMake 2.6.0 many of these variables have been officially documented in TXT and HTML files released with CMake. You may still see some useful

PHPStorm 使用 Laravel IDE Helper

composer require barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper
composer require doctrine/dbal

在 config/app.php 的 providers 中添加:

php artisan ide-helper:generate
php artisan ide-helper:models
提示:需要首先清除 bootstrap/compiled.php,所以生成前需要执行 php artisan clear-compiled,生成后执行 php artisan optimize
生Model helper时建议选择 y,否则会出现 Multiple definitions

配置 composer.json 以在每次提交之后执行:
    "post-update-cmd": [

Windows 10 安装 Adobe After Effects 报错

Windows 10 安装 Adobe After Effects 报错:
FATAL: Payload ‘Camera Profiles Installer {3F023875-4A52-4605-9DB6-A88D4A813E8D}’ information not found in Media_db.

删除 C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\caps 目录下的全部文件…

OpenCart 升级到
下载 OpenCart Migration & Upgrade Tool version 2.0.5

将 覆盖到 目录

再将 OpenCart-Migration-Upgrade-Tool-2.0.5/upload/ 覆盖到 目录

Administrative permission - Save Initial - Initial Upgrade - To Upgrade The Database
勾选Upgrade database to version